Foreign Currency - Coins & Banknotes

Bureau de Changes don’t offer a method of exchanging foreign coins and even some more obscure banknotes. A study from M&S Bank in 2019 estimates there is over 2 Billion Pounds of foreign currency in the UK. The same study found on average £97 of foreign currency was in each household in the UK.

With over 11 years of running the foreign currency appeal we have found each donation on average raises £60 for the charity this is after our rates. We offer free postage and return box for any supporter in the UK who wants to return a currency box. Once the supporter has received and filled there box they just have to give us a call or an email and we can book one of two courier methods for return all free of charge.

We aim to pay for everything sent in, if coins or banknotes are no longer exchangeable we will paid a scrap rate for these.