About Us

Xchange Master Ltd was founded in 2013 with the aim to help charities fundraise through alternative means. This began with the foreign coin appeal with the aim to exchange foreign currency on behalf of charities.

When an opportunity arose to help charities with used stamps Xchange Master entered the market as it saw charities being paid what we deemed an unfair price for used stamps. We quickly offered over double of the industry standard an managed to build our portfolio working with some of the biggest charities in the UK.

With the expansion of the used stamp appeals many charities adopted our foreign currency appeal alongside. These charities seen an immediate benefit with foreign currency appeals generating on average double the amount of the highly successful stamp appeals. Xchange Master work with multiple international airports which fundraise through on the ground donation boxes.

With thousands of people passing these donation boxes a day it is a great way for the airports to give back to the local community and smaller charities. This has led to us working with international airlines to exchange their on-board collections.

During our 11 years of working with charities we have also worked with corporate clients who aim to recover income, many cash heavy business have foreign currency mixed through with GBP with no solution to redeeming these Xchange Master offers a solution to recover some lost income.