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Xchange Master is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to the currency problems of our customers and clients. Currently, there are no ways of making use of the substantial value of large amounts foreign, obsolete, out-of-circulation, or pre-Euro coins. With our extensive network of contacts across the UK and Europe, we can provide channels for realising the value of almost any coins, opening up whole new opportunities for your business of charity.


Recent studies have suggested that close to £1.6 billion of foreign currency is brought back to the UK each year by travellers alone. At the time of writing there’s no easy way to convert these coins back to usable currency, leaving a vast untapped source of potential revenue. If your company or charity accumulates any number of these coins – including the €45 billion of pre-Euro currencies still to be exchanged – then Xchange Master can help.

Xchange Master has an extremely strong relationship to the UK charitable sector, and pride ourselves on finding tailored, individual solutions for each of our charitable partners. Please take a look at our ‘charities’ page for more details.  


      Xchange Master can also provide conversion services for the Euro legacy currencies such as Spanish Pesetas and Deutsche Marks. the European Central bank states there is still over €40 Billion Euros to be exchanged, allowing a huge additional revenue stream for charities to take advantage of! Please see our 'Pre-Euro' page for more information.


      Our services can also provide value for the older, larger decimal series of British coins as well as Pre-Decimal coinage. We encounter these types of coins frequently as many have been stashed away in drawers or cupboards for years!  





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